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miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Yoko Ono to Celebrate 80th Birthday with Plastic Ono Band Show

One of the most recognizable artists in Rock and Roll history, Yoko Ono, has set celebration plans for her 80th birthday party.

Yoko will be ringing in her eightieth year with a one-off gig in Berlin on Sunday, February 17th. The celebration, which takes place the night before her birthday (February 18th), will include a live show with the Plastic Ono Band, which will be led by her son, Sean Ono Lennon.

And at 80 years young, Ono shows no signs of slowing down. The famed artist has scored a whopping nine consecutive #1 hits on the Billboard dance charts over the past several years, released a John Lennon-inspired clorthing line in 2012, and has a touring museum exhibit entitled "Half-a-Wind-Show" opening at the Schirn Kuntshallein Frankfurt on February 15th.

2013 will also hold a reissue of Yoko Ono's albums from 1968 – 1995 and the release of an artbook entitled Infinite Universe at Dawn, which spans her six-decade art career.

So if you’re in need for a little vacation, hop over the pond to Germany for a celebration to remember!

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