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viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

If You Wanna Be Happy .....

Medicine with MR Q...Saturday 8-9pm;

25th anniversary of the first album by the Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys (sometimes shortened to the Wilburys) were an English–American supergroup consisting of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, accompanied by drummer Jim Keltner. The band recorded two albums in 1988 and 1990, though Orbison died before the second was recorded.
George Harrison first mentioned the Traveling Wilburys during a radio interview with Bob Coburn on the Rockline radio station in February 1988. When asked what he planned to do as a follow-up for his Cloud Nine album, Harrison replied: "What I'd really like to do next is... to do an album with me and some of my mates... a few tunes, you know. Maybe The Traveling Wilburys... it's this new group I got: it's called the Traveling Wilburys, I'd like to do an album with them and later we can all do our own albums again." "Wilbury" was a slang term first used by Harrison during the recording of Cloud Nine with Jeff Lynne. Referring to recording errors created by some faulty equipment, Harrison jokingly remarked to Lynne, "We'll bury 'em in the mix". Thereafter, they used the term for any small error in performance and the term was used again when the group were together. Harrison suggested "The Trembling Wilburys" as the group's name; instead, Lynne suggested "Traveling", with which the group agreed.
Starting with a meal among Harrison, Lynne and Roy Orbison, the group came together at Bob Dylan's home studio in Malibu, California, to record an additional track as a B-side for the single release of Harrison's "This Is Love". Tom Petty's involvement came by chance, as Harrison had left his guitar at Petty's house and Harrison went to get it and Petty came back with Harrison. The record label, however, decided that the song that resulted, "Handle with Care", was too good to be released as a "single filler". The members enjoyed working together so much that they decided to create a full album together. Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1. Written by all five men, it was recorded over a ten-day period in May 1988, and released on October 18. The album was recorded in the house and garden of Eurythmics member Dave Stewart. The "Wilburys" joke was extended further, with the band members credited under various pseudonyms and pretending to be half-brothers – sons of a fictional Charles Truscott Wilbury, Sr. The album was a critical and commercial success, spawning several successful singles and eventually reaching triple-platinum sales status in the US. The album was nominated for several awards and won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group in 1989.

Roy Orbison died of a heart attack on December 6, 1988. In tribute to Orbison, the music video for "End of the Line" shows Orbison's guitar rocking in a chair as the rest of the group play, followed by a brief shot focusing on a framed picture of him. Despite Orbison's death, the remaining group members recorded a second and final studio album, which they intentionally misnumbered Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3. It was released on October 30, 1990, and met with less success than the previous one. In the booklet contained in the 2007 box set, the album title is credited to "George being George"; apparently Harrison was making a wry reference to the appearance of a bootleg that served as a sort of Volume 2.

Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line

Paul McCartney Reveals Future Archive Collection Plans

Now that Paul McCartney fans have finally had a chance to dig into the recently released deluxe reissue of ‘Wings Over America,’ it’s time to start looking forward to the next installment in the former Beatle‘s ongoing Archive Collection.

Fortunately, McCartney isn’t making us wait before he announces his plans. In fact, copies of ‘Wings Over America’ come bundled with an ad for what’s next: newly restored and expanded versions of ‘Venus and Mars’ and ‘Wings at the Speed of Sound.’

As Vintage Vinyl News points out, these are the two studio LPs that led up to the release of ‘Wings Over America’ in December 1976. ‘Venus and Mars’ came first, arriving in May 1975 and topping the Billboard chart on the strength of its hit leadoff single ‘Listen to What the Man Said.’ ‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’ quickly followed in March 1976, offering an eclectic batch of tracks that included the smash hits ‘Let ‘Em In’ and ‘Silly Love Songs.’

There’s been no mention of release dates or specific bonus tracks — and as VVN notes, inconsistent sales could cloud the Archive Collection’s long-term future — but each of the installments in the series so far (which includes ‘Band on the Run,’ ‘McCartney,’ ‘McCartney II,’ ‘Ram,’ and ‘Wings Over America’) have been rounded out with copious amounts of added material.

Credence Clearwater Revival - John Fogerty Premonition (complete live concert)

Don't Knock the Rock!!

First shown on TV in 1964, it was repeated in 1977 due probably to a Rock'n'Roll revival in the 70s with bands such as Shakin' Stevens, Wild Angels, Sha Na Na Etc...I think the most impressive thing about a show like this is seeing what the artists and musicians did with a totally live, really basic set-up. I've seen complaints that this show can't be bought on DVD. Possibly the original Granada tapes have gone, tape was so expensive then that it was often re-used and some great shows disappeared.

jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

AC/DC fans launch kickstarter campaign for Bon Scott statue

Fans of AC/DC have launched a $77,500 fundraiser to generate cash for a monument honouring late frontman Bon Scott in his hometown in Scotland.

Sculptor John McKenna was commissioned last year to design a statue commemorating the star, real name Ronald Scott, and devotees of the band have ramped up funding for the project in Kirriemuir.

Local community group DD8 Music has launched a campaign on fundraising website, and organisers aim to raise $77,500 for the monument.

DD8 committee member John Crawford tells Classic Rock magazine, "Kirriemuir was the home town of a little lad called Ronald - who was to grow up and become the world's best-known frontman.

"We believe Bon deserves a statue. We've commissioned John McKenna to create a life-sized statue which will capture three things: his personality, his stage presence and his Scottish roots. We're appealing to the greatest fans in the world to come together and make this project a reality. We want the statue to be from the fans, for the fans."

Scott, 33, died in 1980 after suffering acute alcohol poisoning.

AC/DC - TNT (Live with Bon Scott)

Iron Maiden's beer label finally approved in Sweden

Iron Maiden's own brand of beer will finally hit stores in Sweden in June after the rockers modified the product's label to abide by the country's strict alcohol codes.

Sales of the group's new Trooper ale were halted in government-owned liquor stores Systembolaget earlier this month due to the war-related imagery on its label, which featured a picture of Iron Maiden's skeletal mascot Eddie the Head brandishing a large weapon.

The band went back to the drawing board to come up with a more suitable design, and now the image has been approved by officials.

A statement from U.K. brewer Robinsons reads, "Due to local Swedish government alcohol and marketing laws, which do not allow elements of war, weapons or aggression to be featured on alcoholic product, we were unable to sell Trooper beer to our fans in Sweden unless we modified the label artwork (sic).

"We amended the label by simply focusing purely on Eddie's face and are now very pleased to advise that the new label, currently exclusive to Sweden, has now been approved... Trooper will be also listed at restaurants and pubs all over Sweden."

The heavy metal stars' beer, named after their hit 1983 song The Trooper, has proven popular around the world - Robinsons recently stepped up production to six days a week to meet demand from more than 150 countries

miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

The Rolling Stones in Concert: Best Special Guests

The Rolling Stones haven’t exactly been shy about sharing the stage over the past few decades. And that tradition has continued on the band’s latest 50 and Counting tour.

Even if this latest round of shows doesn’t include as many performances as we’re accustomed to seeing from the Stones, the band still managed to pack in a long list of famous friends (including some former band members) to join them for special performances of their classic hits.

But not all guests are created equal, and that’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list that looks back at some of the many performers who have shared a stage with the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World, pulling out five of the very best. We’re talking about half a century of Stones cameos, so our choices are bound to differ from yours — and we’re sure you’ll tell us all about it in the comments.

Bonnie Raitt
'Shine a Light'

Bonnie Raitt recently joined the Stones for a performance of 'Shine a Light,' but it wasn't her first time. The two rock legends also shared a stage in 2006, when they tackled the same song in the show captured in this video.

Taj Mahal
'Corinna, Corinna'

He's sold a fraction of the records the Stones have moved over the years, but we're betting Keith Richards would trade a few of those platinum certifications to be able to interpret the blues with Taj Mahal's signature flair. Here, he joins the boys in the band for a run-through of the country-blues standard 'Corinna, Corinna.'

'Rock Me Baby'

Classic rock matchups don't get much heavier than this clip, which captures a performance from the Stones' 2003 tour featuring AC/DC. Some nights, the two titans got together to perform B.B. King's 'Rock Me Baby,' which is exactly what they're doing here.

Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker
'Boogie Chillen'

The late '80s found the Rolling Stones creatively ascendant again after a few fallow years, and when they hit the road in support of their well-recieved 'Steel Wheels' album, they didn't pass up the opportunity to share a stage with Eric Clapton and the legendary John Lee Hooker. Here, all three acts join together for a performance of the blues standard 'Boogie Chillen.'

Stevie Wonder, / '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'
'Uptight (Everything's Alright)'

Just in terms of sheer ticket value, the Stones' 1972 tour with Stevie Wonder would have to rank among the greatest of all time, even if the two acts never got onstage together. The fact that they frequently did, jamming on songs like the 'Uptight' / 'Satisfaction' medley you see here, makes it all the more amazing.

martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

Ocean Colour Scene

At the time, 1990, things were definitely looking up for the group known as Ocean Colour Scene. They had just signed to an independent label and a discernible buzz about the group was starting up. It was not hard to see why. They had a clutch of good songs, obvious talent as musicians and a vocalist and songwriter who was clearly going places.

Then their label was bought by a major. And then the major put the band in the studio. The producer was Jimmy Miller, whose work with the Rolling Stones the band highly admired. They cut an album. The major said it wasn't good enough. It was but the band didn't have a choice in the matter. They went back to the studio and cut another version with a new producer. Again, the major said, no.

It's at times like these that most groups fold like the proverbial deck of cards. But that's for those bands who were never cut out for it in the first place. Ocean Colour Scene come from different stock.

There are four of them. Simon Fowler, (vocals), Steve Cradock, (guitar), Damon Minchella, (bass), and Oscar Harrison, (drums). They are a group in the true sense of the word. There is nothing more important to them than the group.

During their blue period, when they were peniless, without contract, without allies, it is that spirit which saw them through. They have sat for hours in a cramped van to play gigs hundreds of miles away for a pittance and twenty people. They have seen their name constantly sneered at in public. And yet they have never wavered or weakened. In fact, they have grown stronger. This is because belief and music is in their blood. They know that if you are a small axe you will eventually cut down all obstacles in your way.

Between 1992 and 1995 Ocean Colour Scene played wherever they could. Their enthusiasm for their craft could never be dimished. Steve Cradock then landed a spot as guitarist for Paul Weller, round about the time of "Wildwood", and, symbolic of his and the group's craft and dedication, built up an invaluable and special musical relationship with Weller.

As time passed, their songs came sharply into focus. Notable amongst these compositions were tracks such as, "You've Got It Bad", "One For The Road", "The Riverboat Song", "Lining Your Pockets", "The Circle", and "Policemen & Pirates". With music such as this it was obvious to all concerned that to give up would be an unforgivable crime.

Fortunately those two words, give and up, do not feature in the OCS vocabulary.

Last year, the door they had so patiently been hammering on finally gave way. As they knew it would. Hustling up enough cash, they put together their own studio, Moseley Shoals, and then spent hours writing, creating, rehearsing, playing and decorating their walls with meaningful symbols. They enlisted the top producer Brendan Lynch and his valuable sidekick, engineer Max Hayes, to produce them.

The result was not only that Lynch produced his finest work to date but the tapes were heard by MCA. They had no hesitation. The group were signed, sealed and delivered.

In January, 1996, the band set out on a nationwide tour. A month later, on 5th February, 1996, their debut MCA single, "The Riverboat Song", was released. It crashed into the charts at No.15 and suddenly the band found themselves in a whirlpool of success.

On March 25th their second single, "You've Got It Bad", was released and reached No. 7.

On April 8th, the band's debut MCA album, "Moseley Shoals" was released - a week later it stormed into the charts at No. 2.

Meanwhile, the band kept doing what they do best, playing to audiences and taking their blistering music to even further heights. The tour finally culminated with two concerts at London's Electric Ballroom where Rico, Noel and Liam Gallagher turned up to lend their support. Both nights were huge successes.

The following week, the band's third single, "The Day We Caught The Train", was released on June 3rd, 1996. Whatever lingering negativity they still faced in the press was of no concern to people. The single hit the charts at No. 4, confirming the band's hugely deserved popularity.

One other thing has to be said. In the dark days, when the group could only get arrested by policemen and pirates, record companies would tell them to change their name before they would even consider listening to them. And the group, broke and in debt, faced this temptation with the following word.
Says it all really.

Ocean Colour Scene - The Day We Caught The Train

Ocean Colour Scene - The Riverboat Song

Ocean Colour Scene - Better Day

Ocean Colour Scene - The Circle

Ocean Colour Scene - You've Got It Bad 

Ocean Colour Scene - Painting

sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Otis Taylor - Ten Million Slaves **** Public Enemies Soundtrack ****

This week in "The friday Night Billar Poll" teach this song to Mr. Q, I discovered in a movie I saw on TV this week.

This awesome track is from Otis' Album " Return of the Banjo. It is also featured in the upcoming Michael Mann Movie "Public Enemies"

Here you have the video

Otis Taylor is an American blues musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist whose talents include the guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and vocals. In 2001, he was awarded a fellowship to the Sundance Film Composers Laboratory.

martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

RIP: Keyboardist Ray Manzarek of The Doors dies at age 74

Manzarek had been seeking treatment in Germany for bile duct cancer. He died in Rosenheim, Germany, surrounded by his wife and brothers.

Ray Manzarek, a founding member and keyboardist of 1960s rock group The Doors, died on Monday at a medical clinic in Germany at age 74 following a battle with cancer, the group's manager Tom Vitorino said.

Manzarek, who lived in Northern California's Napa Valley wine country for the past decade, had been seeking treatment in Germany for bile duct cancer, Vitorino said. He died in Rosenheim, Germany, surrounded by his wife and brothers.

Singer Jim Morrison and then-UCLA film student Manzarek formed The Doors in 1965 after a chance meeting at Los Angeles' Venice Beach, and Manzarek's keyboard work would go on to be a touchstone of hits like "Break On Through to the Other Side" and "Light My Fire."

The band, which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, sold some 100 million records since its heyday with psychedelic-era classics such as 1971's "Riders on the Storm."

Manzarek's electric organ was a defining aspect next to Morrison's booming voice in the band's blues- and jazz-influenced take on rock and roll. "I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of my friend and bandmate Ray Manzarek today," The Doors guitarist Robby Krieger said in a statement. "I'm just glad to have been able to have played Doors songs with him for the last decade. Ray was a huge part of my life and I will always miss him."

The Doors broke up shortly after Morrison's death from heart failure in 1971, but their mythology exploded following the 1980 publication of the biography "No One Here Gets Out Alive" and the 1991 film, "The Doors," by director Oliver Stone.

The band recorded a total of eight albums between 1967 and 1972. After the band's break up, Manzarek released two albums with the rock band "Nite City" in the late 1970s and six solo albums, most recently "Translucent Blues" in 2011 with blues-rock guitarist Roy Rogers.

Manzarek and Krieger became locked in a legal battle with drummer John Densmore in 2003 after the two reunited under The Doors name and later "The Doors of the 21st Century," but were finally forced to tour as Manzarek-Krieger.

Manzarek, who was born in Chicago in 1939, embraced old age in a 2006 interview with Reuters. "We occupy these bodies for 70, 80, 90 years, and it's so much fun being alive on planet Earth that you want to keep this thing as fresh as you possibly can," he said.

"The spirit, the mind, the soul, what's inside of you just gets hipper and hipper as you get older. ... You get a whole broadened outlook on things," he added. "That just naturally keeps going, but the damn body slows down."

Manzarek is also the author of two novels and most notably the 1998 memoir, "Light My Fire: My Life with The Doors."

Manzarek is survived by his wife, Dorothy, two brothers, a son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.


Nuevo disco / New Release: John Fogerty

Se trata de un álbum que trae dos nuevos temas y versiones de sus grandes clásicos con invitados

John Fogerty publica el 28 de mayo Wrote A Song For Everyone con Vanguard Records, su primer disco con este sello.

El nuevo trabajo incluye colaboraciones de Kid Rock, Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Bob Seger, o los hijos del artista, Shane y Tyler Fogerty, versionando clásicos históricos de la Creedence Clearwater Revival como Bad Moon Rising, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Proud Mary o Fortunate Son, a los que acompañan dos canciones nuevas, Mystic Highway y Train Of Fools.

"Animé a cada uno de estos artistas a mirar con su propia visión estas canciones y no a imitar las versiones originales", afirma John Fogerty.

John Fogerty, cantante, compositor y guitarrista, ha vendido más de cien millones de discos a lo largo de su carrera y conseguido 18 discos de oro y diez de platino en Estados Unidos. Miembro del Rock & Roll Hall of Fame desde 1993, ganó un Grammy en 1997 con su álbum Blue Moon Swamp y fue introducido en el Songwriters Hall of Fame en 2005.

El contenido de Wrote A Song For Everyone es:

1. Fortunate Son (con Foo Fighters)

2. Almost Saturday Night (con Keith Urban)

3. Lodi (con Shane Fogerty & Tyler Fogerty) 4. Mystic Highway (John Fogerty solo)

5. Wrote a Song for Everyone (con Miranda Lambert feat. Tom Morello)

6. Bad Moon Rising (con Zac Brown Band)

7. Long As I Can See the Light (con My Morning Jacket)

8. Born on the Bayou (con Kid Rock)

9. Train of Fools (John Fogerty solo)

10. Someday Never Comes (con Dawes)

11. Who'll Stop the Rain (con Bob Seger)

12. Hot Rod Heart (coin Brad Paisley)

13. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (con Alan Jackson)

14. Proud Mary (con Jennifer Hudson feat. Allen Toussaint y Rebirth Brass Band)

When John was approached with the idea to "get a bunch of the people that you really love and do your songs," his new album 'Wrote A Song For Everyone' came to life. What does he think about it? Find out from John himself right here!

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013


Mario Bros. (Ska Version)

Tetris Ska


It's All Over Now Stones John Fogerty

The Rolling Stones played their second show at the Anaheim Honda Center, California. They were joined by special guest Dave Grohl for the Sticky Fingers track ‘Bitch’. Mick Taylor for Let It Bleed‘s ‘Midnight Rambler’ and  the University Of Southern California Thornton Chamber Choir accompanied the band on ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’.
For the first time on this tour the band played ‘Shattered’ and ‘You Got The Silver’.

Rolling Stones Set List: ANAHEIM May 18, 2013

Get Off Of My Cloud
It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
Paint It Black
Gimme Shelter
You Got Me Rocking
Wild Horses
Bitch (with Dave Grohl)
Doom And Gloom
One More Shot
Honky Tonk Women
You Got The Silver (with Keith on lead vox)
Happy (with Keith on lead vox)
Miss You
Start Me Up
Tumbling Dice
Brown Sugar
Sympathy For The Devil
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the University Of Southern California Thornton Chamber Choir)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

For Whom The Bell Tells…

South America May 2013 First stop Belo Horizonte… “Watching Paul McCartney is one thing, watching him live in our hometown is another. An air of wonder was mixed with disbelief on Saturday that this was actually happening. He was here and not only did he do what was expected of him, he surpassed it. The lights, the giant screens, the special effects, a collection of classics – all part of the package of the greatest ever living artist.” Estadio De Minas – 5th May, 2013 Each time we come to Brazil I’m still staggered by the reaction. It’s so exciting, such a buzz to be around. From the moment the plane touches down, the Macca fever is tangible. First stop of the all new "Out There" tour is the city of Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon) and these guys are ready to greet their hero in style and give him a huge reception as warm as the weather over here. Huge billboards welcoming Paul are spread across the city. Paul’s face adorns the covers of newspapers and magazines. His songs can be heard in the shops and bars. Fans line the streets in and around Paul’s hotel, in many cases holding up their own specially created banners. Flicking through the local radio channels on my laptop, the shows are full of chat about Paul too. I don’t actually speak Portuguese but I do recognise my boss’s name and his music! I know I’ve written countless times on this blog about the South American mania but it’s always more thrilling than I remember. The city of BH actually feels like some kind of Macca theme park and as a music fan I can tell you that it’s a pretty cool thing. The hotel lobby is full of fans. Fans who have travelled hundreds of miles from all around the country as well as neighbouring South American countries. The night before Paul’s arrival they had their guitars out playing songs with everyone singing along including people from what seemed to be some kind of huge scientific convention the hotel was hosting. It was fun to watch – the cool young hipsters playing the songs, with the professional grey suits joining in – the words ‘chalk and cheese’ spring to mind but it all worked and everyone had a great night. Meanwhile across town at the Stadium itself fans had been camped out for a week waiting for the gates to open so they can get the best possible spot to watch the show from. Spirits are high as their friends bring them food and wait in their place as they take much needed toilet breaks. Our very own news team Charlie (video) and MJ (pictures) visited the guys at 6am (yes 6am!) on the morning of the gig itself to capture the excitement and pandemonium. There Charlie met the girls who had started a petition in 2011 to get Paul to visit BH. The four girls, all in their twenties, were naturally over excited but at this stage they couldn’t know what was going to happen to them some 17 hours later when Paul brought them up on stage out of the audience to publicly acknowledge what they had done.
When Paul arrived it was straight to work for him and the guys. They headed to the stage to soundcheck much to the huge delight of the 50,000 plus fans gathered outside the stadium waiting to get in. At this stage excitement regarding the setlist was peaking. In the newsroom the phone was ringing and emails were coming in from journalists and fans asking for the new setlist ahead of the show for many different and inventive reasons but we weren’t going to give it up! There was lots of speculation on social media too as fans were starting to piece bits together from what they thought they’d heard at rehearsals the night before.

Just minutes before showtime itself we managed to capture a dapper looking Paul in the corridor, on his way to find the band, for a quick Twitpic (which we also posted on Facebook) – which clocked up over 20,000 likes within hours! Then it was time for the months of speculation to be over. At around 9:20pm Paul walked out on stage to a deafening roar! It was mega! The TV crews I was with at the time were taken aback. “That doesn’t normally happen,” one of them told me. “I don’t think they can actually believe he’s here”.

For the fact lovers out there; The show opened with Eight Days A Week, which Paul had previously only played live once with The Beatles in 1965. The setlist included many more treats with the first live performances of Beatles classics Your Mother Should Know, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, Lovely Rita and All Together Now. Paul also performed his solo classic Another Day for the first time since 1993. Wings favourites Listen To What The Man Said and Hi, Hi, Hi were also added to the setlist having never been performed at a Paul McCartney solo show before. We Can Work It Out was also added back into the setlist - Paul last performed it at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004.

The brand new production, filling over 31 trucks worth of equipment, also saw spectacular lasers and lighting, huge pyrotechnics, state of the art video displays and a special riser that saw Paul raised up 20ft above the stage to perform Blackbird and Here Today acoustically on his own. During Hey Jude the audience held up homemade ‘Thank You’ signs, a surprise for Paul organised by fans on social network sites.

As mentioned earlier, in 2011 local fans had started their own petition on Facebook to get Paul to play in Belo Horizonte. After securing the endorsement of thousands of residents the petition was delivered to Paul’s London office. One of the fans, Adriana Mundo (28), who had supported the petition, said: “When we heard Paul was coming here we couldn’t actually believe it. It’s a dream come true for us. We’ve never had anything like this here before. It’s such an honour for our city.”

At the end of his show Paul got the girls up on stage from the audience who started the petition – Priscila Brito (27), Luisa Mattos (25), Camila Flores (25) and Cecilia Cury (21) – who were shocked by the recognition they received from their idol. Paul publicly thanked the girls and also signed Cecilia’s Beatles tattoo.

As fireworks towered over the stadium bringing the night’s celebrations to an end, a triumphant Paul jumped onto his tour bus to make his way back to the hotel for some well-earned rest.

Within minutes of the end of show the setlist news was spreading fast. The changes made global news. Many more Facebook petitions have now been set up!

I woke up bleary eyed the next morning (tired not hungover) and excitedly made my way to the hotel lobby to grab the morning’s papers. The reviews were as mega as the show:

Paul gave all his loving to Brazil. Once again The Beatle left an indelible footprint here with the opening night of his new world tour. For many this evening was a dream come true. His fourth trip to Brazil in as many years came with even more surprises as he showcased some rare ‘gems’.
Since the announcement of Paul’s visit expectation had been unbelievably high and once again Paul exceeded the expectations. Throughout the epic show the audience made up of all ages screamed, cried, laughed and cheered their idol. Be it on the piano, guitar, bass guitar or just talking to the audience this man knows how to keep people entertained. The songs have a renewed strength about them – this show was the performance of the ultimate rockstar.
The myth along with the charisma and the spiritual dimension of his music all joined together live on stage. The strength we’ve heard about in recent years here in Brazil became clear once again. BH was entranced by the presence of an idol. He did not disappoint as he performed for almost three hours. Now it was time to catch the plane to Goiania… as you do.
Second stop Goiânia…
‘The movement you need is on your shoulder’ “Unless you live on the planet Mars, you will not have missed the fact that Paul McCartney brought his show to the Serra Dourada Stadium. Although it is possible that the media noise and local excitement around this show did reach Mars! Never before in the history of this city had a musical visit been so important.”
O Hoje – 7th May
On my journey from the hotel in Goiânia to the venue early in the morning on show day, the driver told me that he’d been listening to a radio show earlier in the day where they had been discussing who is the most important person to ever visit the city, Paul McCartney or Pope John Paul II! It was safe to say that the city was bracing itself for one big party. As one local paper reported, “McCartney still explores stages and places that many others avoid, too afraid of the local infrastructure or simply because they don’t want to go to the effort. Our city is honoured by his presence.” No one who works on "Out There" will ever forget Goiânia and the show’s special guest Harold the grasshopper! In fact, probably no one in the world will forget. It seems to be the thing I’ve been asked about most by media since this show. People calling to ask if Paul is ok. Just to check he didn’t get bitten by anything! I’m happy to report each time that Paul is very well and was unharmed.
As the sun went down it was clear there were a few more bugs than normal in the stadium but no real concerns. What could a few bugs do? As it grew darker it was obvious that the giant screens were starting to attract a fair bit of attention. When Paul hit the stage and the lights shifted up a gear we could see now that there was a lot of insect action going on at the back of the stage but still no real concerns. It was only when Paul moved to the piano for the first time in the show to perform My Valentine it became clear that something was going on here that didn’t normally happen at a Macca show. The odd grasshopper started to appear on the piano and then on Paul. Along with the audience I double took as a second, then third and even a fourth settled on Paul. Looking at Paul it seemed to take a lot of concentration for him not to laugh uncontrollably!

Meanwhile backstage a low level of panic set in. What could be done about this? This can’t happen. What if… what if more come? Will the show have to be stopped? Well, more did turn up and with this more hurried activity backstage and more panic set in. This was a new situation for sure.

The Esperanca Grilo, literally translated as ‘hope grasshopper’, at times covered Paul from head to toe.

Whilst the panic was going on, what was being missed was that on stage Paul had befriended a grasshopper, named him Harold and introduced him as his friend to the audience – looking totally at home with the situation. Paul wasn’t going anywhere. Neither was Harold incidentally, remaining proudly on Paul’s arm or shoulder for the majority of the show. Including a truly unforgettable moment in Hey Jude when Paul turned to Harold whilst singing the line, “The movement you need is on your shoulder,” and then saying to the crowd,
 “It certainly is now”.The next day Brazilian paper O Estadio De S Paulo reported, “McCartney performed a three hour show that surprised Goiânia with a new setlist and a ballet of grasshoppers. Harold (the grasshopper) did a high jump on to the legend’s shoulder. Smart grasshopper. We’d all like to have been in his position! Paul and Harold made history inside what is already a history that will never end.”I’m not sure how many people would have just rolled with this situation. The words Kings of Leon and pigeons spring to mind!

After the show, when Paul was having a little post-show party and well deserved margarita with the band and crew, I asked him if there was a moment when he felt any kind of panic?

Paul told me, “It was hysterical, that’s the truth of it. Out of nowhere suddenly this plague of locusts! I got to the piano to start ‘My Valentine’ and I see one little grasshopper and he’s landed right in front of me and then I look down and there was one on the keyboard. I need to find the chords so I need to move our friend without hurting him. Then there was one on my shoulder, then another, then one on my back. At this stage I’m thinking I really don’t want one in my mouth so I just try and keep as tight to the microphone as possible and not give them room. So I was thinking, either you walk off or you keep going. Well we kept going and it just became more hysterical. When we did ‘Live and Let Die’ it was incredible. During the show more and more moths gathered on our giant screens as they were attracted to the lights. When the explosions went off they were scared off the screens and then all the grasshoppers made a dive for them. It was unbelievable. It looked like a scene out of Dante’s Inferno! It was astonishing.”

Hours later and the news started spreading. China, India, Australia, UK, US, Russia and the entire world were reporting about Paul’s adventures and his new friend Harold.

Harold aside though, the show was another resounding success leaving Goiânia very happy and now firmly on the map!
Paul enchanted Goiânia. This date will forever be known as Paul McCartney day. There were big expectations and he delivered. The main man entered the stage at 9:34PM and addressed the crowd in Portuguese. From that moment on the crowd responded to his every move and gesture. ‘Tonight we’re going to have a party’, he yelled… and he wasn’t wrong.

Final stop… Fortaleza

“It’s a lesson in showmanship to see how he constructs his show. Paul is the ultimate hero in rock 'n’ roll. His visit has done wonders for the pride of the region.”

MSN – 10th May
The final show of any leg always feels emotional. What a week we’d had. What a week Paul had had. Brazil had, as ever, welcomed their hero with open arms and in return Paul had delivered with his performances.

The new production was going down a storm. The new additions to the set had also got themselves as much global publicity as Harold.

Paul was on the cover of the prestigious Brazilian magazine Alfa (their GQ), which all week I’d been trying to buy a copy of, only to be told in each shop they had just sold out. At one point someone managed to get a copy for me but I had put it down for two seconds and in that time someone else had helped themselves to it. Finally on the day of the final show I got a copy and I think it looks very cool indeed.
The venue, the Castelao Stadium, is brand new. A new stadium for the 2014 World Cup. And with newness there are often a few teething problems. The first being that the roads leading up to the stadium haven’t been finished yet! So you get to about 500 meters away from the stadium and the road stops! Whilst this was quite a sight it didn’t actually have any real impact on the show – just took slightly longer to get the 50,000 plus crowd into the venue, which meant they were even more up for it when they finally got their place in the stadium.
Just before 10pm Paul and the band were up and rocking. Another unforgettable evening. The fans really made it. During Hey Jude as a surprise for Paul the audience released yellow and green balloons into the air. It was a sight to behold. The surprises didn’t stop there. During the encore Paul spotted a sign in the audience that read, “Paul I want to propose to my love onstage. Would you bless us?” In another first, Paul was happy to oblige!

And with that an amazing week came to an end.

Bol Noticias
“A musician of excellence, he holds a nearly three-hour show without water or rest, with a repertoire of 38 songs, oozing charm and friendliness.”
Speaking after the show, Paul said:
“Brazilian audiences are incredible so that’s why we keep coming back.  All of the shows this week were fantastic.  We started the tour in Belo Horizonte because they asked us to come. They’d made a petition, so it wasn’t like an ordinary gig because we’d been asked there by the people. That’s the kind of thing I listen to. If that many people want us and we’ve never been there and my promoter knows how to get us there then we’ll show up and of course in Goiânia we had the grasshoppers join us, which was unbelievable.  No one could see that coming!

“I’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us this week. We had a ball.  Me, the band and the crew have had a great time and it’s largely down to the audience reaction we got.  So thanks to everyone for being so cool, being so ready to party and for loving our music.”

Asked for a message to those coming to see him on tour, Paul concluded,
“Please don’t bring any grasshoppers with you”.The following day Fortaleza was still full of Macca fever. More front page reviews reporting on the historic visit.
“On an historic evening, Paul McCartney performed to thousands of delirious fans. Friendly and full of energy, McCartney greeted the city with local expressions. His visit was well worth the wait. All the sacrifices made by some of the fans to get to the show were worth it as they were rewarded with a once in a lifetime experience. This show made it possible for the younger generations in the audience to understand the euphoria of The Beatles all those years ago. McCartney has the gift to thrill and mesmerise huge audiences all over the world. Last night it was our turn. We’ll never forget.”
So that’s the first leg done. The tour picks up again this weekend in Orlando. Twenty-two more shows to go in the coming months and one thing you can be certain about is to expect the unexpected!

Eric Clapton's next gig: as a grandfather

Best remembered for his hell-raising and womanising ways as a guitar ‘god’, former first-division wild man of rock Eric Clapton is about to achieve a rather more sedate sobriquet: grandad.

He will don the mantle of ultimate respectability when his eldest child, Ruth Clapton, is safely delivered of her first baby, and her father’s first grandchild, later this month. Says a family friend: ‘The baby is due any day and Eric is ecstatic.’ At the age of 68 and happily married to his second wife, Melia McEnery — she and Eric have three young daughters — the man they call Slowhand has given a firm thumbs up to his new role. Ruth, 28, is the product of Eric’s tempestuous liaison with Yve Kelly, with whom he enjoyed an adulterous affair in Montserrat while still married to model Pattie Boyd back in the Eighties.

Eric had stolen Pattie from his chum George Harrison but, remarkably, stayed friends with the former Beatle. Despite once referring to her ‘dysfunctional’ family circumstances, Ruth has always featured strongly in Eric’s life before and after his stoic rehabilitation. Two years ago, he not only gave Ruth away but performed at her party when she married architect Dean Bartlett.

The happy event was held at Eric’s Surrey mansion. He also loaned them his yacht for their honeymoon.

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Across The Universe Soundtrack

I found by chance this B.S.O, The Beatles. What can really be said about them that hasn’t already been said a hundred times before? They were one of the greatest bands of all time. That much is clear.

And I feel I should make it known that when it comes to people covering their songs; songs which I adore, I’m usually against it because they inevitably take away whatever original magic was there, replacing it with something cold and lifeless.

I’ve listened to more Beatles covers then I care to mention and have been continually disappointed. I never thought it would take a bunch of actors to create what I think is the most amazing collection of Beatles covers I’ve ever come across. But somehow that’s what’s happened.

The recent film by director Julie Taymor, Across The Universe, is an amazing movie. Visually gorgeous, fantastic cast, great storyline; however, the thing which makes it special is its soundtrack. The movie is actually more of a musical, with most of the story being told through song. More importantly the songs of The Beatles.

The actual soundtrack album is an incredible double disc package featuring 31 Beatles tracks. Most of which are sung by the core cast. The majority of which don’t consider themselves professional singers. If you listen very closely you might also catch a few guest performances from the likes of Joe Cocker, Bono and Eddie Izzard.

The result is just incredible. The songs have an energy and life to them I think most fans would enjoy. And the arrangements are respectful yet still manage to be innovative.

The standout track for me would have to be the incredible ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ sung as a duo by Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson. Others I can’t seem to stop listening to include ‘It Won’t Be Long’, ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy), ‘Dear Prudence’, ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’ and ‘Hey Jude’.

If you’re a fan of The Beatles in any sense then I strongly recommend Across The Universe. Whether you see the film or just listen to the soundtrack I promise you won’t be disappointed. It completely altered my perception of covers. Let it do the same for you.

::note:: So I know I've written a bit of an Across The Universe rant a little further down but I write a weekly album review for a local newspaper and since it was a pretty slow music week I decided to just write up a quick soundtrack review. I'm sure you don't mind.


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The Tree of Life

We sow the seed, we plant the seed, the seed grows, into a plant.. which needs nourishment, then gives us seeds that we use again, flitters away and dies... STORY OF OUR LIFE


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The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a state-of-the-art audio and HD video recording and production facility. Plans for Lennon Bus Europe have been evolving since the first U.S. Lennon Bus hit the road in 1998 with a mission to provide young people with access to state of the art production studios. Staffed by a crew of three producer/engineers, the Bus is dedicated to providing the young people of Europe with free hands-on opportunities to produce original music, video, photo, game app and broadcast projects reflective of their ideas, values, and creativity.
Powered by Apple Computers and iOS devices, Lennon Bus Europe makes stops at local schools, colleges, concerts, festivals and professional trade shows; providing free tours and workshops in which young people produce original songs, audio recordings, broadcast quality music videos and livestream events.

The Lennon Bus has provided hundreds of thousands of students and educators with opportunities to tour the Bus and get hands on experience with the equipment found on board. Tours give students an overview of what really goes on in a recording or video production facility and are led by the Lennon staff. Visitors learn about the history of the Bus, and are introduced to the various production skills needed to produce projects on board.

1 Day Music Video Production

The Lennon Bus and staff provide opportunities for 6-8 students to create and produce original songs and video projects. Students write the music and lyrics to a song, record it, mix it, shoot video, and produce a music video of their work.

Live Streams

Featuring live music, interviews and taped projects, students get hands on experience producing original livestream productions showcasing emerging and celebrated artists. Camera operations, lighting, audio for video, communications, and live switching skills are all offered as part of the production’s workflow.

Colleges and Universities

The Lennon Bus makes stops at colleges and universities across Europe. Working together with campus officials, coordinated events around the Bus and tent village feature live music, tours of the Bus, opportunities to play music, produce video, and shoot digital photographs of the day’s events.

Concert Tours

The Lennon Bus provides students with access to many of the most popular headlining bands and festival tours. Past tours have included the Black Eyed Peas, Carlos Santana, Bob Weir, John Legend, Elton John, Shakira, Mos Def, Warped Tour, and many more. Opportunities include ticket giveaways, meet and greets, and music and video production.


Students conduct interviews and create video projects related to the days’ events or on topics related to their course work in the arts, sciences, history, social studies, language arts and more.


The Lennon Bus staff delivers a 30-minute presentation to the entire school community or selected classes. Included is an overview of the Bus, the studios, the equipment found on board, tips on working together as a group, a brief John Lennon biography, and examples of music and video projects produced on board.

Teacher Training

The Lennon Bus can provide hands on training for teachers interested in learning about the audio, video, digital photography and multimedia tools used onboard. Participants will produce multimedia content and learn how the Lennon Bus staff engages students in the creation of music and video projects.

Technology Expos

Stocked with state of the art computers, guitars, keyboards, drums, still cameras and video cameras, the Lennon bus tents are engineered to provide visitors with the most hands-on experience possible. The knowledgeable, experienced, and highly energetic crew, allow visitors the opportunity to view product demonstrations and to engage directly with the materials themselves.



Moments That Nearly Destroyed Rock

It’s easy to think of rock stars as iconic figures who can do no wrong. That’s because we see all of their well-documented successes in retrospect, seeing how each one in turn led to the creation of their legends.
Let’s say we could go back to certain critical moments in the career of a certain band and say “what if?” Would the Beatles still be the Beatles if they had kept Pete Best and never hired Ringo Starr? Could Alice Cooper have still made it if he’d kept the name Vincent Furnier? Would things still turn out the same, or could one small thing destroy the entire legend and change the course of rock and roll history?
We partner with Diffuser and Loudwire to take a look at some of those “what if” scenarios in our list of the Moments That Nearly Destroyed Rock.

Pink Floyd Almost Rap

So, what do a legendary British progressive rock band do for a second act when they’re recording their first album after the loss of one of their most important members? They turn to rap, obviously — at least, that’s what producer Bob Ezrin suggested to Pink Floyd when they were recording ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason.’

“I brought some in to David Gilmour‘s thing going, ‘Boy, I think this stuff with a rock beat would be awesome,’” he recalls.

Fortunately, Gilmour was having none of the credibility-destroying idea. “He said, ‘Oh my God, that would be terrible,’” Ezrin says, laughing. “He couldn’t believe it. He hated the idea.”

Keith Richards Almost Loses ‘Satisfaction’

In 1965 the Rolling Stones scored their breakthrough hit, ‘Satisfaction’ — but guitarist Keith Richards almost didn’t finish the song. He came up with the main riff during the early morning hours at a motel in Florida while on tour, putting it down on tape before lapsing back into sleep.

When Richards woke, there was only a bit of the riff on tape, followed by 45 minutes of snoring, he claims. But it was enough for him to show it to Mick Jagger, who recognized its potential and swung into action, finishing the song. Had Richards not taken a moment to record the bit — or forgotten and not gone back to it — the Stones might very well have missed out on their signature song. Ironically, Richards himself didn’t care for it at first.

John Lennon Says the Beatles Are ‘More Popular Than Jesus’

In 1966, John Lennon, in an interview with the London Evening Standard, spoke about his belief that Christianity was dying out, saying of the Beatles, “We’re more popular than Jesus now.”

The quote was taken out of context in the US, prompting an enormous backlash that centered — surprise! — in Alabama, where two disc jockeys initiated a boycott of the Beatles that included burning their records.

The incident could have destroyed the career of the most important rock group of all time — but the furor eventually blew over after Lennon clarified his remarks at a press conference.

The Clash Consider Rock Hall Reunion

Let us start by saying we’re in no way glad Joe Strummer died in 2002. When the Clash legend succumbed to a previously undiagnosed heart condition, rock lost one of its most passionate, least compromising figures. That said, had Joe made it to the 2003 Rock and Roll Hall of of Fame induction ceremony, he might have reunited honorees the Clash for the occasion. He’d convinced guitarist Mick Jones and drummer Topper Headon to join in, leaving bassist Paul Simonon as the lone holdout. Simonon had it right: The Clash only stood to tarnish their legacy, and their story didn’t need this, the Rock Hall, as its final chapter. When Strummer and Jones joined forces one last time in November 2002 at benefit for striking firefighters, it was a more fitting coda for the Only Band That Matters.

Jimi Hendrix Asked Paul McCartney to Play Bass on Record With Miles Davis

One of the great “what-ifs” in rock history just got even greater. A newly uncovered telegram shows that Jimi Hendrix had asked Paul McCartney to play bass in a proposed recording session with legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and drummer Tony Williams.

Billboard is reporting that, on Oct. 21, 1969, Hendrix sent a telegram to McCartney at Apple Records in London, which read, “We are recording and (sic) LP together this weekend in NewYork, (sic). How about coming in to play bass stop call Alvan Douglas 212-5812212. Peace Jimi Hendrix Miles Davis Tony Williams.”

Unfortunately, Hendrix’s usually impeccable timing was off. Peter Brown – the same man referenced in the Beatles‘ ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ – informed Hendrix that McCartney was on vacation and would be back in two weeks.

Coincidentally, Hendrix contacted McCartney on the same day that the infamous “Paul is dead” hoax was first mentioned on New York radio. The story had started in the Midwest a month earlier, but it wasn’t until that morning that it broke nationwide, forcing Apple to issue a denial. However, the story freaked out McCartney enough that he retreated to his farm in Scotland.

Hendrix and Davis became friends in the late-60s, at a time when the jazz great was looking to incorporate rock and funk into his sound. The duo jammed together on a number of occasions, but scheduling conflicts made it impossible for them to record the album they frequently discussed making before Hendrix’s death in 1970 put a permanent end to the plans.

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Beatles-Focused Show Coming to Broadway

The Beatles anthology production ‘Let It Be’ is making the leap from London’s West End to the St. James Theatre on Broadway. Rather than focus on the Fab’s bitter-end finale, however, the show includes songs from throughout their career.

Billboard reports that the show combines performances by live musicians with new projection technology, ‘Let It Be’ will bring to life more than 40 familiar songs from the Fab Four — including ‘Hey Jude,’ ‘Come Together,’ ‘Yesterday’ and the title song, among others.

This new production follows a string of earlier box office successes that have mined fans’ lingering passion for John, Paul, George and Ringo, going all the way back to the aptly titled late-1970s revue ‘Beatlemania.’ More recently, Broadway has been home to a musical focusing on the group’s early days called ‘Backbeat,’ and the Cirque du Soleil tribute “Love” is still running strong at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

‘Let It Be’ will be produced for Broadway through December 29 by Jeff Parry of Annerin Productions, which also presented the concert-style Beatles-focused show “Rain” during the 2010-11 season. Advance performances begin on July 16, with an official opening to follow on July 24. The cast has yet to be announced.

Rolling Stones Joined by Mick Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, and John Fogerty at San Jose Concert

The Rolling Stones pulled into San Jose, Calif. last night (May 8) for a stop on their ’50 and Counting’ tour, and they brought along some pretty special guests for company.

The show, which found the band running through a brisk 22-song set list that was understandably heavy on the hits, also treated the crowd to special guests both expected (former Stone Mick Taylor, whose appearance included his first live rendition of ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ since 1973) and surprising (Bonnie Raitt and John Fogerty, who both popped up before the first 10 songs were through).

Fogerty appeared on stage first, joining the band for a performance of ‘It’s All Over Now,’ most of which was captured by a security-flouting audience member (embedded below). A few numbers later, Raitt came out to lend her signature slide guitar to ‘Let It Bleed.’ Both artists have enjoyed a previous association with the group — Raitt previously performed ‘Bleed’ with the band in 2006, while Fogerty contributed handclaps to one of the bonus tracks on the expanded ‘Some Girls’ reissue.

The band may be facing sluggish sales on the tour, but with a growing list of guests that also includes Tom Waits, Keith Urban, and Gwen Stefani, they’re finding a way to keep the element of surprise while revisiting songs the fans already know by heart.

Rolling Stones Set List, San Jose, Calif., May 8, 2013

‘Get Off My Cloud’
‘It’s Only Rock & Roll’
‘Paint It Black’
‘It’s All Over Now’ (featuring John Fogerty)
‘Gimme Shelter’
‘No Expectations’
‘Let It Bleed’ (featuring Bonnie Raitt)
‘Emotional Rescue’
‘One More Shot’
‘Honky Tonk Women’
‘Before They Make Me Run’
‘Midnight Rambler’
‘Miss You’
‘Start Me Up’
‘Tumbling Dice’
‘Brown Sugar’
‘Sympathy for the Devil’
‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’
‘Jumping Jack Flash’

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The Rolling Stones' Ticket Prices Defended by the Band and Tour Promoter

Since the Rolling Stones kicked off their 50 & Counting North American tour dates earlier this month, rumors have been surfacing that the band has had a difficult time filling seats, due to ticket prices that reach up to $600.
However, John Meglen, co-president of the band’s tour promoter, AEG Live, says that’s simply not true.
In a recent interview with Billboard, Meglen stated, “It's unfortunate in our business that everybody wants to be cynics. The fact is, the tour is doing great and we have no problems whatsoever.”
Meglen also went on to deny that ticket prices were later slashed to ensure full venues, instead calling the cuts a “flex pricing” strategy, implemented to keep money away from scalpers.
“Did we hit a point where we ran out of people that would buy at $600? Yeah," Meglen said. “But why can't we do the 'market value’ thing? Why do we have to let the market value proposition live with the scalpers? Why should, in my estimation, $3 million go to the brokers, instead of the artists, in every one of these markets?”
Keith Richards also touched on the subject of high ticket prices when he sat down with Rolling Stone, though the guitarist had a different perspective.
“From my point of view, it's like this: We say we want to put a Stones tour together and people come to us with proposals. And these proposals are all basically the same. We actually did push down the prices a little bit. We took the lower offer, in other words”, Richards explained.
The rocker continued, “I don't have much to do with it other than I would like people to get in, to be able to afford to get in, without sort of starving their babies and all. And that's about it.”
The Stones, who appear on the cover of this month’s issue of Rolling Stone, recently announced a Washington D.C. concert date on June 24, which will reportedly mark the last of their U.S. summer shows.

Peter Frampton Reveals Humble Pie Box Set and Live Album

There will be quite a bit of Humble Pie for fans to consume in the near future, according to Peter Frampton.

The guitarist tells us that a box set edition of the British group's four May 1971 shows at New York's Fillmore East -- which were culled for that year's "Performance Rockin' the Fillmore" album -- is due out this year, with liner notes by drummer Jerry Shirley.

Frampton tells us that the set does even more justice to the legacy of Humble Pie and its late frontman Steve Marriott:

"The performances are all radically different 'cause they're all ad-libbed, and Humble Pie is that way. And it's so great to be able to take yesterday's 24-track (tape) and use today's technology to bring out what's really there. And it's phenomenal. Just to hear Steve talk, and we haven't edited anything out. It's just from the moment we walk on stage to the moment we walk off. Nothing is edited at all."

A Humble Pie box set is also on the docket, according to Frampton, and he and Shirley are entertaining the idea of some sort of live tribute shows in which they'll play with other artists.

Frampton, meanwhile, kicks off his Guitar Circus tour on May 26 in Little Rock, Ark., with guests such as B.B. King, Robert Cray and Sonny Landreth.

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One of the sadest days of our lives - when this beautiful fun loving little boy named IZAN we knew very well passed away yesterday due to a "stupid" accident...very hard to accept - very hard to take in - and very hard to know how the family can take this - coming from a father of many boys... you never know when fate hits you - and it hit IZAN.

Mr.Q and Eosduffy to forummusicaldemr.q

Paul McCartney Joins Tony Bennett's Voices Against Violence Campaign

Paul McCartney is lending his voice, literally, to Tony Bennett's Voices Against Violence campaign.

The grass roots anti-gun violence initiative is asking supporters to text MYVOICE to 877877. Those texting will receive a taped voice message in return from McCartney and will also be connected directly to a U.S. Senate office to voice support for proposed gun control initiatives.

Bennett and his son and manager Danny Bennett put together Voices Against Violence in conjunction with the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, with more than 10,000 text messages already logged.

VAV has also received support from Alec Baldwin, Gloria Estefan, Mia Farrow, Josh Groban and others.

Lost Treasures: Stories of Rare Vinyl

Last month, a copy of The Beatles’ 1967 LP Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band shattered sales records when it was auctioned off for an incredible $290,500.  The copy, complete with gatefold, high gloss cover, and signatures from each member of the Fab Four, is now one of the highest selling pieces of Beatles’ memorabilia in history.
It seems like every week we hear those stories, stories about priceless records and antiques, previously sitting in someone’s basement and gathering dust, selling for thousands at auction.  Stories like that might have you wondering about your own collection of old LPs.  What if the next long lost treasure of rare vinyl is sitting right now in your attic?
According to record store owners across the east coast, you never what vinyl rarities will sell for top dollar.  A Bob Seger sampler from his original label Hideout, Philly legends Lee Andrews & The Hearts' 45 “Long Lonely Nights,” Cream’s 1968 album Wheels Of Fire, 60’s group The ShaggsPhilosophy Of The World, and a copy of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be The Day” originally bought for 75 cents are just a few of the diverse records that have sold for hundreds over the years.
Rarity is most important, but record quality and market demand also play a big part in determining a record’s value, according to some owners.  “Northern Soul, the lesser known R&B from Detroit and Chicago, is very sought after” says Brian Reisman of Hideaway Music in Philadelphia.  “Also, higher end jazz records are very desirable in Japan.”  Todd Fundaro of Flipside Records in Clawson, MI says, “In particular, condition is a major factor [in a record’s value], and original labels are always more valuable.”
One of the most sought after records, and most noteworthy in the minds of record store owners, is that of another rare Beatles LP, the infamous “Butcher Album.”  Considered one of the holy grails of rare records, the “Butcher Cover,” as it has come to be called, is the original cover art for The Beatle’s 1966 LP Yesterday and Today.
The shocking cover features the foursome decked out in white butcher coats, grinning widely, and covered in baby doll limbs and pieces of raw meat.  The story behind the cover is pretty strange, too.  Photographer Robert Whitaker originally meant for the photo to be an artistic statement on the band’s over the top popularity at the time.  According to some accounts, it was Paul McCartney who pushed for the gory photo to be the album’s cover, claiming it was the band’s “statement against the war,” referring to the Vietnam War.  John Lennon, however, said in a 1980 interview that the photo was simply inspired by the fact that the Fab Four had grown bored of photoshoots, and wanted to change it up a bit.
The controversial cover only made it to the shelves for one day before being rounded up and replaced by the considerably tamer “trunk cover,” featuring the band posing nonchalantly by an open trunk.  A few Butcher covers made it out though, and as a result have become some of the rarest and most valuable around.  According to Beatles history site, a sealed, mint-condition copy of the LP with a letter of verification can fetch up to $25,000 at auction!
John Solano, co-owner of The Record Museum in New Jersey and a collector of rare 45’s, has two copies of the Butcher album in his personal collection, one with an original sticker still attached. Stuart Freedman of Nuggets Records, Todd Fundaro, and Brian Reisman have also encountered the rare LP in their business.
Wondering yet if a certain record, perhaps a Beatles record, in your collection might be worth big money? According to record store owners, the best place to start your research is online.
John Solano says eBay is his favorite site to check out the market and see what records are hot.  His business partner Doug Kepple of The Record Museum, however, swears by the website  “Discogs is probably the best resource out there,” Kepple says. “You go on, match up the catalog number, see what it’s selling for, and price accordingly.”
Going online might be a good place to start, but talking to your local record store owner is always best, according to Todd Fundaro.  “We really need to look at it in person, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge to know what a record is really worth,” he says.  “People come in here and have an artificial idea of what their record’s worth based on what they saw online.  But in reality, it can be a totally different condition or different pressing they were looking at.” 
Since 2007, US vinyl sales have jumped by almost 500% and 2012 saw a 17.7% increase in vinyl LP sales, 4.6 million records, compared to 2011, according to Nielsen SoundScan.  Brian Reisman says Hideaway Music has sold vinyl from the beginning, but because of a sharp decline in CD sales and the rise of the mp3, vinyl is up, and now half of his store is vinyl.  The story is similar for other independent record stores who are seeing an upswing in business in recent years thanks to the resurgence of vinyl.
With numbers like those, it’s safe to say that collecting vinyl and storing your records properly is a good idea.  Solano had this advice for collectors, “Always try to get originals.  You might spend a little extra, but for the sake of collecting, go for the first pressings.”
And for storing your records so they stay valuable, Reisman gave this number one tip:

“Don’t put them in the basement!” Leaky or flood-prone basements can warp or damage your records and bring down their value.  Another big tip is to store your records vertically, not in stacks on the floor, and to put them in plastic sleeves to keep out dust and moisture.  It’s also important to make sure your turntable is set up properly, with the correct anti-skating and anti-weight settings used, so your records don’t wear unevenly.
Rob Roth, owner of Vintage Vinyl Records in New Jersey, reminds us, “You should always take care of your records, one scratch or a crack can make a record worthless.  Records don’t heal.”