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viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Eric Clapton's next gig: as a grandfather

Best remembered for his hell-raising and womanising ways as a guitar ‘god’, former first-division wild man of rock Eric Clapton is about to achieve a rather more sedate sobriquet: grandad.

He will don the mantle of ultimate respectability when his eldest child, Ruth Clapton, is safely delivered of her first baby, and her father’s first grandchild, later this month. Says a family friend: ‘The baby is due any day and Eric is ecstatic.’ At the age of 68 and happily married to his second wife, Melia McEnery — she and Eric have three young daughters — the man they call Slowhand has given a firm thumbs up to his new role. Ruth, 28, is the product of Eric’s tempestuous liaison with Yve Kelly, with whom he enjoyed an adulterous affair in Montserrat while still married to model Pattie Boyd back in the Eighties.

Eric had stolen Pattie from his chum George Harrison but, remarkably, stayed friends with the former Beatle. Despite once referring to her ‘dysfunctional’ family circumstances, Ruth has always featured strongly in Eric’s life before and after his stoic rehabilitation. Two years ago, he not only gave Ruth away but performed at her party when she married architect Dean Bartlett.

The happy event was held at Eric’s Surrey mansion. He also loaned them his yacht for their honeymoon.

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