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domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013


Mr. Q drops in to hear Nirvana shine brightly on this striking live set because the volume is turned down just low enough to let Kurt Cobain's tortured vulnerability glow....and fill Mr. Q with a sense of fluffiness but still wanting can that be?? he knows...he's always known...animal instinct...raw instinct....what is instinct.. pure knowledge without distractions...just simple pure carnal passion, ultimately the most natural act in a homo sapiens’s need to evolve...procreate...grow strong, feel strong, stay strong as deep as possible, as deep as through a spiral black hole will permit, will allow this tortured strength to  reach the fathoms of pure pleasure.....that's Kurt cobain for and direct...with Me Q.


Peace for mankind...not much to ask for...










The powerful, reverent covers of Lead Belly, David Bowie and (three) Meat Puppets songs sum up Nirvana as a haunted, theatrical and, ultimately, truly raw band.


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