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miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

Curiosities about The Rolling Stones

A teenager named Mick Jagger made his way through a rail
station in Dartford, England, with a few blues albums tucked under his
arm, and met Keith Richards, with whom he would quickly
rekindle a friendship.

For a time, they played in a band called Little Boy Blue and the
Blue Boys.

Later, at an Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated show, they met
Brian Jones, a talented blond blues guitarist.

By 1962 the band was begging for gigs around London whilst
practicing covers of the songs of their blues heroes

Because of their mutual love of American blues, Jagger, Richards,
and Jones decided to form their own group, and they invited Dick
Taylor, drummer Tony Chapman, and Ian Stewart and called
themselves the Rolling Stones.

Charlie Watts and Taylor soon replaced Chapman, not long after,
by bassist Bill Wyman.

On 14th January 1963 the Rolling Stones first played together as
a group at the Flamingo Club.

In June of 1963 they released their first album.

By 1993, Wyman announced he wanted out.

By the summer of 1994, the Stones had another album and world
tour ready to roll, being the Voodoo Lounge a huge success.

In the last few years, the Stones have kept a low profile. Jagger
continues to pursue a film career, now as a producer; Richards is
working on another solo album; Charlie Watts, who is the one that has aged the most gracefully of all the Stones, released an album with his jazz quintet.

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