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jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

The Strokes Announce New Album: 'Comedown Machine'

The New York City rock band, which shot to fame with its garage-revival debut Is This It? in 2001, will release its fifth studio album March 26. The record, which follow's 2011's Angles, will be preceded by the lead single "All the Time."

Of course, last week, the band released the track "One Way Trigger," which makes it a sort of prequel -- The Hobbit to the new song's Lord of the Rings.

With a less than two-year gap between albums, the band has proved it is once again capable of speedy productivity. It took five years for The Strokes to release Angles after their previous album, First Impressions of Earth.

A decade after kicking off the revival of early '70s garage rock, The Strokes are plunging further into the world of synthesizers that began in the '80s.
The band -- who is working on their fifth studio album -- has dropped a new single, "One Way Trigger," which marries crunching guitars, looping rhythms and singer Julian Casablancas' trademark voice with a whole lot of MIDI.

The middle of the past decade saw synth rock brought back by bands such as The Killers (and the return of original purveyors such as New Order), though it has somewhat fallen by the wayside in recent years. The Strokes played with it a bit on 2011's Angles, and now they've jumped full-tilt into the electronic abyss.

I leave two advance tracks

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